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Mankin and Sons Florist  creates some of the most creative and original floral designs the Big Country has every seen.  Our floral design team is constantly going above and beyond to make the flowers we design exceed your expectations.  We team up quality flowers with limitless creativity, ensuring that every time you see one of our arrangements, you are sure to say “Wow!”



Full Service Florist

We are a full service florist specializing in:


Here are some of the Mankin and Sons Design Team’s unique floral creations:

Floral Creations

[img src=]14870Designer's Choice Flowers 1
[img src=]3430Designer's Choice Flowers 2
[img src=]3270Designer's Choice Flowers 3
[img src=]3310Designer's Choice Flowers 4
[img src=]2570Designer's Choice Flowers 5
[img src=]2300Designer's Choice Flowers 6
[img src=]2270Designer's Choice Flowers 7
[img src=]2240Designer's Choice Flowers 8
[img src=]2300Designer's Choice Flowers 9
[img src=]1960Designer's Choice Flowers 10
[img src=]1680
[img src=]2270Artistic Flower Arrangement
Florist Vicki McPherson's unique floral design featuring phalaenopsis orchids, bamboo, ginger, birds of paradise, and orange roses.
[img src=]1770Sympathy Floral Tribute, flower arrangements, funeral flowers
Fresh flowers designed in heart shaped wreath by florist Vicki McPherson. Features circus roses, blue delphinium, hypericum berries, and curly willow.
[img src=]1490Fresh-cut flowers, floral design, abilene florist
Fresh cut flowers in black vase - by AIFD certified florist Vicki McPherson. Features pink miniature roses, yellow tulips, and purple larkspur
[img src=]1360long-stemmed roses, red roses, dozen roses
Fresh cut roses in a black vase - by the Mankin and Sons floral design team.
[img src=]1170Tulips, flowers, florist, design
Yellow tulips in a black vase by the Mankin and Sons Gardens florist team.
[img src=]1270Red Rose Bud Vase
A bud vase with red roses and filler fower.
[img src=]1120Designer's Choice, floral design, larkspur, fresh cut flowers
Fresh cut flowers featuring purple larkspur, orange tulips, and champagne spray roses.
[img src=]1070Tropical flowers, floral design, full-service florist
Tropical floral design by the Mankin and Sons floral design team - featuring birds of paradise, bamboo, circus roses, and purple dendrobium orchids.
[img src=]1080Butterfly Kisses, floral arrangement, florist
"Butterfly Kisses" flower arrangement by the Mankin and Sons design team. Design features gerbera daisies and filler flower.
[img src=]980
[img src=]1160
[img src=]1100
[img src=]890
[img src=]810
[img src=]840
[img src=]810
[img src=]770
[img src=]730
[img src=]880
[img src=]690
[img src=]560
[img src=]570
[img src=]460
[img src=]620
[img src=]490
[img src=]690
[img src=]500
[img src=]510
[img src=]540
[img src=]660
[img src=]530
[img src=]620
[img src=]430
[img src=]400
[img src=]510
[img src=]690
[img src=]480
[img src=]450
[img src=]390
[img src=]450
[img src=]310
[img src=]470
[img src=]470
[img src=]330
[img src=]360
[img src=]470
[img src=]490
[img src=]380
[img src=]410
[img src=]380
[img src=]360
[img src=]480

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