We’re so glad you’ve received one of our unique floral creations! Now that you have those beautiful flowers, we want to help you make them last. A little extra care can make your flower arrangement last that much longer; and since we want you to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible, here are some tips for caring for your fresh flower arrangement:

  • Always make sure your flowers have plenty of water.  If your flowers are in a vase, keep the vase filled to just below the top.  If your arrangement is designed in green floral foam, keep that foam well soaked.
  • Give your flowers fresh water when they need.  If you see the water turning cloudy, it’s a sign that bacteria is growing.  Change out the water immediately.  When adding or changing water, use warm water to reduce the shock for the flowers.
  • After a few days, give your flowers a fresh cut.  Do this under water if you can.  Cut at least 1 inch off the ends.  This will allow the flowers to drink water more freely.
  • Keep your flowers in a cool place (65-72 degrees Fahrenheit) and out of direct sunlight.  Avoid placing your flowers on top of the television or other household appliances.  Don’t place them directly below a fan or vent.
  • Optional: You can mix fresh flower food into your water to give your flowers an extra boost.
Once again, we hope you enjoy your flowers!  Mankin and Sons Gardens is a full-service florist.  We specialize in weddings, sympathy arrangements, parties, home decorating, and everyday floral creations.