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Annuals brighten containers, hanging baskets and flower beds of your home or business landscape. Choose from our large selection of plants, colors and varieties for every growing situation from shade to full sun. For maximum color impact, plant annuals in mass. Annuals must be planted each season.
mums, dianthus, panises, cabbage, snapdragons, peppers, rosemary
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Perennials are reliable plants that appear year after year without replanting. When in season, perennials return to full form adding color, depth, and beauty to your home or business landscape.


Trees are a staple for any outdoor space. They shade, protect, absorb noise, increase property values while naturally framing your outdoor living area, adding character to your property and enhancing the neighborhood.
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Shrubs anchor landscapes providing lush green backdrops and wrap-around protection for your home or business. Our shrub collection features plants in all shapes, sizes, color, texture and blooms.


Roses are beautiful flowers, filled with fragrances and dipped in an array of breathtaking colors. Our nursery stocks several bloom types including: Climbing Roses, English Roses, Floribundas, Grandifloras, Ground Cover, Hybrid Teas, Minatures, and Polyanthas.
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Organic Seeds


Want to start your garden from the ground up? Planting seeds in your garden is a fun and educational way to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables. Intimidated about doing it yourself? We'll help you with the type of soil you need, how to water and where to plant.


Vines and groundcover play a vital role in your landscape. Vines are built in screensavers, scaling walls with ease to protect your house, patio or outdoor structure. They provide beautiful flowers and fall color. Groundcovers are low maintenance problem solvers -- thriving where no other plant cares to grow. Groundcovers flower, have a fragrance and add fall color to your home or business landscape.
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Grow your own herbs at home


Contrary to popular belief, most major herb varieties will grow here in West Texas. We carry both culinary and ornamental herbs in seed and bedding plant form. So whether you’re looking to plant a few for family recipes, or fill in a fading patch of spring bulbs with beautiful summer herb colors, we have what you need. From fragrant to flowering to evergreen beauty, come see our herb selection.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass adds intrigue to your landscape. Choose from an extensive collection of colors, textures and varieties for every growing situation from shade to full sun.
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Pond Plants

Pond Plants are a stunning way to add color and vibrancy to your pond. We can help you with what will work for your space and how to care for your pond plants.